Visit Kenya and get a chance to take a bite of this age-old Kenyan delicacy. Nyamachoma or nyamchom, as the locals like to call it, is typically prepared in times of celebration and merry. The most fascinating thing about nyamachoma is not the irresistible taste but the bond that it creates between friends. Walk into two Kenyans enjoying this meal and you will be drawn in by the positive vibe. Ugali, a Kenyan staple food, is usually the main accompaniment for nyamchom, with a side of cooked green vegetables.

The Kenyan diet also includes tea. In fact, in Kenya, anytime is tea time. When it comes to drinks, Kenya tea in the form of Chai (tea with milk and sugar) is the beverage of choice. It is served for breakfast, at mealtimes and also during Kenya’s regular teatime. Clearly, Kenya culture embraces many different cultural influences: teatime is a custom borrowed from the British colonial past and the Chai style of cooking tea originated in India.

Another popular social drink, and one that also makes a good accompaniment for nyama choma, is Kenya’s signature-brand beer.Another fascinating aspect of Kenyan culture is the art and artifacts that Kenya’s different ethnic groups craft manually, using readily available local materials. Beautifully carved wood sculptures showing exquisite detail and craftsmanship are produced in large quantities and sold to tourists both locally and abroad.

Other popular Kenya artifacts include colorful hand-woven sisal baskets, Maasai beaded jewelry, gold and silver jewelry, musical instruments, soapstone sculptures, tribal masks, figurines, paintings, prints, batik cloth, kangas and the beautiful traditional Kikoys (African sarongs).


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